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Film Scouts in South End

Yesterday I met with a film crew from Ogilvy & Mather out of New York. They were scouting for a documentary they are planning to film in Charlotte that focuses on mobility and sustainability but specifically looking at the impact of the Light Rail. When they said the words “documentary” and “mobility” I started to yawn but the more I talked with them the more they explained how they were looking to tell the stories of people in South End who have seen the changes and impact that the Light Rail has made on the neighborhood. That angle sounds a lot more interesting to me and a documentary that I’d be more inclined to watch. They talked to folks at Pike’s Old Fashioned Soda Shop, Balfour Beatty and even made a quick stop by the Atherton Market.

The film crew is looking at a lot of places beyond South End; however, South End will play a big role in the documentary. They will be back in May for a photo shoot prior to filming the documentary but if you are aware of any stories that I should share with them please let me know.



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