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New Landscaping

One of the busiest intersections in terms of vehicular volume in South End is the intersection of South Blvd and East/West Blvd with over 35,000 vehicular trips a day. That works out to over 10 million vehicles passing through this intersection a year, which makes for a whole lot of impressions and many are a captive audience while they sit waiting for the light to change. Given this high visibility and after assessing the current landscaping conditions at this intersection, we decided to make some improvements along the public right of way. Many new bushes and trees were added to create a visually appealling intersection for all those passing through, and to make this intersection more inviting for those folks out walking and jogging through South End.

Additionally, new landscaping was installed at Tryon and West Blvd next to the existing South End boundary marker and at Marsh and South Blvd at the southern border of South End.

Landscaping can have an important impact on the perception of a place. Much like the “broken window theory”, high grass and unkempt bushes convey a lack of care for a place. It’s a never ending process as the grass continues to grow as do the bushes, but simple steps can be the difference between a place you want to get through as quickly as possible over a place you don’t want to leave.



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