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Walker’s Popcorn Store…Open for Business

We have a new addition to the South End business community and this one produces a wonderful aroma as well a tasty snack, Walker’s Popcorn Store. Located at 1424 Winnifred Street, Scotty Beam is living out his dream of running his own business. When I say “popcorn” I mean gourmet popcorn so think, large pieces that come in a variety of delicious flavors. They aren’t stuck together like a box of kracker jacks and it’s made fresh and local. Walker’s is wholesale so a great product for gifts, especially with the holiday’s coming up, and they even have a great program for fundraising. Check them out on Facebook or go online to place an order http://www.walkerspopcornstore.com. Below are a few pictures I took while on a recent visit during popping time!




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