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Expert Charrette Day 1

The second phase of the South End Workshop is well underway with national and local experts working with city and county staff to help shape the next 5-10 years of South End growth and development.

The first of this two day charrette began with a tour of South End. We met at the CTC Light Rail stop, rode the light rail down to New Bern Station where we met our bus for a tour of the area. Although it was a rainy day, we all had umbrellas and made a few stops to allow everyone to see and feel some of the existing conditions. One specific stop was getting everyone to cross South Boulevard from Atherton Mill over to Chipotle to see the challenge to the pedestrian at crossing this road.

We all gathered back at the Trolley Museum where we working until 6:30pm listening to a wide variety of presentations about the existing conditions of South End. Topics discussed: South End General Data & Statistics, 2020 Vision Plan, South End Vision and Goals, Land Use and the South End Station Area Plan, Infrastructure, Development, Placemaking, Recreation & Play, Neighborhood Amenities, Business Recruitment, Streets & Transit and Quality Design.

What were some of the big ideas from the day? Connectivity, Walkability & Traffic Calming, SE Lacks a Center/Town Square, Amenities for Residents, Better Mix of Housing Types, Focus to be Resident-Centric, Boutique Hotel, Rail Trail Nurturing, Need for Open Space, Outdoor Seating, Pocket Parks, No Real Nodes, Food Events, Gateway Identification, Public Art and Grocery Store.

There are plenty more than could be named but these were a few of the highlights and ideas that will guide the events of Day 2 of the charrette and the experts will really dig into the 4 key areas and make refined recommendations.

Today is the final day of the charrette and will conclude by sharing these recommendations from 4:30-6:30pm at the Trolley Museum.



One thought on “Expert Charrette Day 1

  1. We need a great coffee shop in South End!

    Posted by Leah | January 12, 2012, 2:26 pm

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