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Exploring South End by Foot

South End is a very walkable neighborhood and this past Saturday I was able to participate in my first ever South End Walking Tour. Josie Mazzaferro with Allen Tate contacted me a few weeks back to share how she put together a walking tour of Dilworth and was received so well that she wanted to do one in South End. She did all the hard work of scheduling the stops, promoting the event and coordinating all the details and I got to show up and talk about South End past, present and future. You couldn’t have asked for a better Saturday and while I can’t speak for everyone on the tour…I had a lot of fun!

We had about 55 people join us at Atherton Mill for the noon start. The tour lasted about 2 and a half hours and the route took us from Atherton Mill, down Camden Rd, over to South Blvd and back up to Atherton. We made lots of stops along the way at local businesses and concluded with a wine tasting at Vin Master.

We will definitely plan another walking tour as this was a lot of fun and great way to explore South End and if you’re interesed in taking part next time please email me at tboyd@charlottecentercity.org.

Hope you enjoy the images below from the tour and you can also see the realtime tour captured via Twitter through Storify which Bridget Sullivan but together…just click here.



4 thoughts on “Exploring South End by Foot

  1. I really enjoyed it! Thanks for joining us and sharing your knowledge! I moved up to DIlworth from Steele Creek the month the Lynx became active and loved seeing how South End has grown so much in the last four years! I able to live completely carless, living just a couple blocks from Paper Skyscraper. I think it’s so wonderful how the area was grown and to hear more history of the area.

    I used to sell tea at Tailgate, before it grew up and became Atherton Market – and I am just so proud and happy to see how South End, and all of the area covered by Center City Partners has really had beautiful growth. When I moved here six years ago, I did so because it was a growing, thriving gorgeous city – and just becomes more so every year.

    Posted by Summer | January 30, 2012, 5:02 pm


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