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Creative Meeting Space in South End

I get a lot of requests for unique, creative places to host a company brainstorming session, a breakfast meeting, luncheons, or civic groups and the great thing about South End is that we have several great places to offer. Many folks are familiar with Byron’s in the Design Center of the Carolinas, which offers great indoor and outdoor options in what used to be the Neble Knitting Mill.  Another great place is the Charlotte Trolley Museum, which many are probably familiar with but didn’t realize it could be used as a meeting space or special event venue. Finally, one of the most creative spaces yet not as well known is the Magellan Idea Center located in the Atherton Lofts at Atherton Mill. 

One of the things I like about Magellan is that they will help you configure the space to accomplish your specific goals. Personally, I dread going to meetings, typically because they are not organized, don’t have clear direction and last way too long so I asked Sandy at Magellan if she could share a few things that make Magellan a great meeting place and some tips for planning a successful meeting. See below for her recommendations and hope you’ll consider South End for your next meeting or event!

Top 10 Tips for a Successful Meeting

Located in historic South End, Magellan Idea Center is a creative meeting space designed to visually stimulate, encourage open dialogue and inspire news ways of thinking. Both small companies and large corporations utilize Magellan Idea Center for off-site meetings that are always a memorable meeting experience.

Magellan Idea Center believes that the right environment is necessary for groundbreaking ideas to emerge and team-building to effectively occur. Truly creative ideas that lead to breakthrough ideas are far more likely to surface in risk-free zones that inspire and energize people.

Make the most of your meeting time. Here are Magellan Idea Center’s Top 10 Tips for a successful meeting.

  1. Set objectives before the meeting
  2. Give participants a task to complete before they gather for the meeting to get them in the right frame of mind
  3. Provide an agenda before the meeting – a brief description of the goals for the meeting and topics to be covered
  4. Set ground rules for the meeting and stick to them, such as:
  • Keep an open mind
  • Participate fully (emphasis on ‘we have lots of brain power and want to hear from everyone’)
  • Risk (say what’s on your mind!)
  • Listen actively and respectively
  • Cell phone free zone (switch to OFF or place on foyer bench)
  • Be comfortable (complimentary socks in bin next to audio system)
  • Have fun!

5. Appoint a facilitator – or better yet, hire an outside facilitator – to keep the conversation on target and moving

6. Schedule breaks for people to check their email and phones

7. Use a whiteboard or flipchart to record group ideas for everyone to see (if whiteboard used, take photos before erasing)

8. Create a “parking lot” for issues that are not related to your meeting, but do need to be dealt with at a later time

9. Assign action items

10. Create an effective meeting follow-up plan before you leave

Magellan Idea Center is offering friends of South End a 15% discount for meetings booked by the end of March to organizations that mention this blog post. Contact Sandy@CenterForIdeas.com for more information or to rent the center. Now, GET OUT OF THE OFFICE and into the zone at Magellan Idea Center!




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