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South End Community Presentation Recap

Great turnout for last nights Community Presentation with over 85 people in attendance and representatives from City Staff to include Deputy City Manager, Ron Kimble; Director of CDOT, Danny Pleasant and Director of Planning, Debra Campbell as well as many South End residents and business owners and representatives from both Dilworth and Wilmore.

After months of workshops, charrettes and countless meetings, we have been able to consolidate the concerns of the South End community and chart a path towards the future growth and development of South End.  Many people have had a hand in making South End what it is today and it is very good. We want the next 20 years to be dedicated to going from good to Great.

In case you weren’t able to attend last night please follow the links below to access the information that was discussed. The Brochure is an overview of the ideas and the power point presentation captures the content as well as recommendations going forward. The new video can be found by clicking here. It has taken many months to get to this point and while we celebrate this accomplishment, there is work to be done and it will take all of us working together to turn this vision into reality.

If you want to be involved or have any questions, please let me know.

Ted Boyd, Director of Historic South End tboyd@charlottecentercity.org

South End Good to Great Brochure

South End Community Presentation

Rendering of one recommendation to focus on Camden and surrouding areas as “Heart Place” of South End.

Rendering to highlight better connectivity throughout South End.



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