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First Community Day a Success!

Special thank you to the 50 volunteers from South End and the ToolBank, who came out on Saturday morning for a series of beautification projects. The crew tackled 5 new flower beds located at Kingston and South Blvd, Park Ave and South Blvd, Camden Rd and Park Ave, Trolley Museum and Summit Ave and S Church St. Additionally they painted the fence surrounding the Phat Burrito dumpster so it has a little more Phat Burrito flava now. Everyone worked super hard and fast so we finished by 11am and ask anyone in attendance and they are ready for the next voluntter opportunity.

Special thank you to the Charlotte Community ToolBank for providing the tools to make these projects happen. Thank you to SENA (South End Neighborhood Association) for bringing volunteers and the passion! Thank you to Green Source Group, our landscaping company who prepped the beds. Thank you to Common Market for providing free breakfast and coffee for the volunteers. Thank you to Sauceman’s for providing free lunch to all the volunteers. Thank you to our District 3 City Council Represenative, LaWana Mayfield for joining to plant and paint. Finally, thank you to WCNC for joining us LIVE all morning to cover South End Community Day!

Enough words…enjoy the pictures!





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