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VooDoo and Stumptown: A Post from Portland

This week I am in Portland, OR attending the EcoDistrict Conference with the Portland Sustainability Institute. South End was one of 10 locations in North America to receive a grant to participate in the conference and begin making South End an EcoDistrict. There is more I will share about the EcoDistrict but first things first first…doughnuts and coffee.

This morning I ventured to the famous Voodoo Doughnuts and Stumptown Coffee. It was a 12 block walk both ways but well worth it to have some of the best coffee and a doughnut with strips of bacon on it.

VooDoo is part Price’s Chicken Coop, part Amelie’s Bakery, and park Common Market. I was there so early there wasn’t a line but typically it is out the door, cash only, lot of ink and piercings, an iconic box, and 24/7. The doughnuts are incredibly delicious (and I don’t like doughnuts) and super creative. Cupcakes may be a popular trend in Charlotte but I think doughnuts will make their way to the Queen City and have much greater potential over a cupcake.

After VooDoo I was first in line at Stumptown once the doors opened at 6am and had a delicious “by the cup” cup of coffee. Great space and great coffee that you can’t get in Charlotte or anywhere close for that matter.

I see a lot of South End in Portland and Portland in South End and hope to bring some of these ideas home. More to come…



One thought on “VooDoo and Stumptown: A Post from Portland

  1. Looks awesome Ted! Enjoy your time in Portland!

    Posted by Tom Wyatt | May 10, 2012, 11:59 pm

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