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Charlotte vs Tampa CNN Smackdown!

I know there are tons of you who love South End and share pictures via Twitter all the time as well as great places you enjoy frequenting. The photo above is no exception as it was shared on Twitter via @KyleHoltzhower or the one below via Rachel Sutherland @iftheshoefits and Amy Thomas @ItsAmyThomas. CNN is doing a City Smackdown between Charlotte and Tampa and I’d love for you to share your pictures and short story about why you love Charlote (South End specifically..ha!). All the details are below so inspire us!

Charlotte and Tampa, FL have been selected as “smackdown” cities by CNN to show off why residents love their city – all you have to do is submit a few short written reasons along with a fantastic picture or two, or even a video.

Go to the link below to submit your reasons why Charlotte (specifically South End) is a great city to live and find the opportunities of a metro area with the connections of a close, diverse community – the deadline is Monday, May 21st!  Let’s show everyone how We Make It Possible In Charlotte!

Pick your topic, your favorite reasons, your pictures or video and send it in to the link below!

Link to “City Smackdown: Charlotte” is:  http://ireport.cnn.com/topics/788285


City smackdown: Charlotte, NC

It’s time for a city smackdown!

As part of our Destination USA project, we’re pitting rival cities against each other. This time, it’s the rivalry of the convention cities: Charlotte, North Carolina (home of the 2012 Democratic National Convention) vs. Tampa, Florida (home of the 2012 Republican National Convention).

If you love Charlotte, here’s your chance to stand up for your city! Tell us the very best thing about it, or the one or two reasons you like it better than any other. Make sure to include your most stunning Charlotte photos to back up your claim. Show us why you can take on Tampa any day!

The best stories, photos and travel tips could be featured in a CNN story.



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