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Shop Atherton Market to Prepare for Memorial Day

Below is the weekly email newsletter from Lynn Caldwell, Manager of the Atherton Market. Make plans to shop the market this Saturday to prepare for your Memorial Day Weekend!. Enjoy

What’s Happening at the Market?

Thanks to all of you who came to celebrate Food Revolution Day on Saturday!  If you were looking for the Fireman’s Pancake Breakfast, we’re sorry to say that it got postponed at the last minute until June 16th.  But that’s a firm date, they have volunteers lined up, and we can almost taste the pancakes.

This weekend is Memorial Day, so it is a sure bet that you’ll be firing up your grill in celebration of our fallen military heroes.  We’ll be showcasing some goodies this weekend to prove how easy it can be to impress your friends and family when you are the grill master.  Whether you are a carnivore, a vegetarian, or an omnivore, it is easy to become an expert in a hurry when you start with good fresh ingredients.

Memorial Day is also the kickoff to summer, and Simply Local’s newsletter last week was an eloquent introduction to the season.  In her product line Lollies are back, Ellington cheese from Looking Glass Creamery is fantastic, and Buchi Kombucha arrived last week. Get Me a Switch is a great new relish just in and she’s got a new Ashe County “Mountain (AKA Monterey) Jack.”  I also missed highlighting her interview in last Wednesday’s Charlotte Observer with Kathleen Purvis!  LynnErin is my idol when it comes to getting fresh healthful food on the family dinner table on busy weeknights.

In other vendor product news, Verve is beginning to offer candles in recycled wine bottles, and Pickleville is doing a special run of Hot Bread and Butter pickles tonight!  Urbana Teas now has their most popular blends in both bagged and loose leaf versions.  Monk’s Groovy Beans now offers pour over by the cup on Saturdays, which is the hottest trend in the world of coffee.  And the NC/SC high season of fishing just opened off the coast, so Lucky Fish is fully stocked with many coastal varieties.

Proffitt Family Farms will have hot dogs, pastrami, salami, and Andouille sausage made with organic beef and some pastured pork from Wild Turkey farms for juiciness, no nitrates added, fresh this Saturday.  They will also have tons of pre-made patties, taking that little bit of extra work out of your dinner. All of these fresh cooked beef/pork products are made at the Weeping Radish Artisan Butchery and are amazing!

The entire market is definitely experiencing an evolution.  Check out Cloister Honey’s new tasting bar and retail space, or let your kids do a craft in the new Kid Zone next to the trolley.  Cardais Gourmet’s bakery case slid into place last week, and Ohhlio Express is serving up samples and an expanding line of products from a newly designed booth.

We’re moving spaces and vendors around to make the market more navigable, but if you don’t find what you are looking for, please ask.  The bathrooms are now in the Northwest corner of the market, and seating is strategically located.  Every time you visit you’ll discover something new.

Our hours continue to be Tuesday 3-7 and Saturday 9-2 while we are under construction.  Expanded days and hours being announced soon.   Also, we still have 6 seats left for the 3rd Modern Dinner, so send a request to athertonmarket@gmail.com to get your ticket!
Keeping it fresh and local,
Lynn S. Caldwell
Atherton Market Manager



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