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Interior Motives Now Open

You may have noticed a new store on South Boulevard called Interior Motives . They have been open for a couple months, and I stopped in yesterday to meet owner Will Smith and take a look first hand at his creative magic. He will be the first to tell you and I will agree, that his store is unlike any interiors store I have visited in Charlotte. There are a lot of pieces that make statements, which in and of themselves are amazing, but what Will does very well is arrange these pieces in such a way that these statements are put together to tell a story. You’ve got to stop in to see what I mean but I did snap a few pictures so you can get an idea. They are located at 2425 South Boulevard which is right next to Long Animal Hospital and a couple stores up from Mac’s Speed Shop.

Will is yet another example of the entreprenurial spirit that is a part of what makes South End, South End. We are glad to have you in South End. Stop in and say hello!

Here is a link to a nice story in The Observer about Interior Motives http://obswhatsinstore.blogspot.com/2012/05/new-interior-design-store-open-in-south.html

Also, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter



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