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Savory Spices: Clever Solutions & Clever Gifts

I love to have guest bloggers post about their South End experiences and am pleased to share the following post from my summer intern Sarah Young. Sarah is an App State graduate and spent last summer in New York working at the Guggenheim. Enjoy!

Savory Spices: Clever Solutions & Clever Gifts

I first visited Savory Spice Shop in South End while looking for a Christmas gift for my boyfriend’s parents this past November. I was first acquainted with this creative store through my parents who own a local honey business called Cloister Honey. My mom, Joanne Young, loves coming to Savory Spices to taste new and diverse flavors that we can test in our honey or use in our family meals at home. When deciding what to give my boyfriend’s family for Christmas the usual gifts didn’t seem to work. I am a cheap college student so expensive wine was out of the question, I had already given them a porcelain Christmas platter the year before, and the standard straw gift basket of various toffees and jams just didn’t seem personal enough.

That’s when I descended upon Savory Spices hoping to find something that would fulfill my gift giving needs. When walking into the store, I instantly noticed its keen design, a mix of urban architecture with exposed appliances combined with eclectic wooden cabinetry. An assistant asks me if I have been before and lets me know that I can try any spice in the store. To taste, you simply pour the spice into your hand and shake any access off onto the wooden tile grout-less floor. Kudos for clever solutions. The attendant then leaves me to do some tasting of my own and before I knew it I tried 5 different curries, 6 Mediterranean salts, 4 diverse seafood rubs, and 3 variations of Mustard seed.

After trying all these spices I realized that choosing one or a few myself would pose quite a challenge. This is where Savory Spices comes to the rescue yet again; they offer gift box sets that vary from small to medium to large in prices that range from $10 to $50. I chose the medium gift (pictured in the middle above) and bought the Savory Select set. This set was perfect because it combined a variety of blends for pastas, salads, veggies, and meats and the 4 spice jars inside were: Wash Park All-Purpose Seasoning, Parmesan Pesto Sprinkle, Capitol Hill Seasoning, and the Hudson Bay Beef Spice.

In the end, my boyfriend’s parents absolutely loved their gift this past Christmas and his mother said she wanted to get a gift for her mother there too! Kudos for clever gifts. I am excited to visit Savory Spices again and with barbequing a main activity on my agenda this summer season, I am certain to be back.

Sarah Young, syoung@charlottecentercity.org


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