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Atherton Market Moving to 5 Days A Week

Exciting news coming from Atherton Market this week. Below is Lynn’s weekly newsletter so I won’t steal all her thunder and let you read it. One note about the South End Churn Off. Many of you want to come taste the ice cream. Make certain you are at the market by noon on Saturday if you want to be part of the people’s choice judging round. You will get a ballot and be able to vote for your top two favorite!

Here is Lynn’s Newsletter:

On Tuesday, August 7th, a new era begins at the Atherton Market – a major change you’ve been requesting since we opened our doors in May of 2010.  We have been working, planning, and adding infrastructure since April of this year to be able to offer you expanded and consistent hours, with a greater variety of weekday offerings at our location in the heart of South End.

Beginning one week from today, the market will be open from 9 am until 2 pm on Tuesday through Saturday.  We will also maintain the Tuesday evening hours, remaining open that day until 7 pm. On Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings, you’ll see the faces of our farmers and will be able to buy directly from them in the traditional way.  During the other hours we are open you can visit the Farm Hub managed by Pat Farrell and buy seasonal, local farm goods including produce and meat.

Around the market, Simply Local, Cloister Honey, Whispering Willow, Ohhlio Express, SkyeTurtle Designs, Cardais Gourmet, and Monk’s Groovy Beans will be open during all or most of the market hours.  Pickleville, Rio Bertolinis, Duke’s Bread, Kobe’s Kreations and Beverly’s Gourmet Foods among others are working to make sure their products are available throughout the week. Check with your favorite vendors for their hours and product availability.  We’ll also welcome a couple of new vendors soon, so stay tuned for news on that.

Today is the last day of National Ice Cream Month, and while the South End Ice Cream Church Off isn’t until Saturday, August 4, we’re going to churn up a couple more batches tonight to tempt your taste buds.  Whether you are a chef, a foodie, or just someone who has lucked into an amazing recipe for ice
cream, take a look at the guidelines here, mix up your ingredients, and bring along the recipe.  We are still looking for contestants for Saturday, so there’s still time to register!

The news about our new hours is hard to top with anything else, so I’ll leave you with the challenge to revisit your shopping habits and consider how you can incorporate more local goods into your repertoire.  In addition to farm goods, you can now get a wider variety of prepared foods, plants and garden supplies, home and bath care products, and many specialty items at the Atherton Market.  Our availability and selection are better than ever.  And if you support it, it will grow.

Here is a quote from Anne Lappe that has been making its way around Facebook this week:  “Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”  I’m voting locally with my dollars – how about you?

Changing the world one tomato at a time,
Lynn S. Caldwell
Atherton Market Manager



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