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A Third Furniture Creation by Hines: Southend Trading Company

Southend Trading Company

Last fall, Ashley Hotham of Charlotte Home+Garden Magazine featured South End design in article, South End, Charlotte’s Furniture Row. Hothman accurately captured the new South End when she wrote, “Historic South End has transformed from a textile and manufacturing district into Charlotte’s prime design destination. Today it boasts an array of eclectic and classic findings that span the design spectrum, from contemporary to traditional. Now with more than 125 design and home furnishing businesses, South End links Charlotteans to artisans and designers from around the world.” She is spot on with her evaluation, with one exception….make that 126 design and home furnishing businesses with the recent announcement of Southend Trading Company.

Designer, entreprenuer Rodney Hines just can’t stop creating and we don’t mind one bit. Southend Trading Company will be the third in his furniture trilogy adding to The Furniture Connector and High Cotton Home Co.  To get all the details on this new store and how it will differ yet compliment the other three I have attached his recent newsletter. As soon as it’s open, I will be in to snap some pictures and share with you.

Congratulations Rodney and team!

The following taken from newsletter.

Rodney Hines is Expecting!

You heard it correctly! Rodney proudly introduces his new baby, Southend Trading Company. Just when you thought, The Furniture Connector (TFC) and High Cotton Home (HCH), Rodney and his partners have created yet a third concept!

And, it’s what?

The Southend Trading Company

What is the difference between the three stores? TFC is his firstborn and has style that’s fun and flirty. High Cotton Home, his second-born is a little more tailored store. He loves them both equally and he believes you will love his new concept just as much. Southend Trading Company will be like any lastborn: loveable and entertaining.

What will the new child look like? Southend Trading Company will resemble a Paris Flee Market, with a sprinkle of that incredible furniture you remembered as a kid. It will be a fabulous combo of one-offs, unique items and a plethora of fun accessories. What are these things we are referring to? Things that every man, woman and child can fill home with memories.

Imagine strolling through a building of repurposing. For example, we will show you one item and ten different ways to use it in your house. You will just die! We know it! Cameras will be flashing! Social media will be active. Pinterest will be busy! Stacks of great finds of local homemade goods, over-dyed rugs in an array of colors ad sizes, and antiqued one-of-a-kinds are just a few things that will be waiting inside.

Southend Trading Company is a mixture of modern, French and reclaimed. The newest concept is slated to open early fall.

The staff will be consistent with the highest level of integrity, personality and genuine kindness as we strive for in our other two stores.

Will this child fight with the other two children? NEVER! The kids will play well together. In layman’s terms, the new store will compliment the other two and offer a new direction in furniture and accessory shopping.

Come play in our sand box with all of the sales staff…

Like our new page… www.facebook.com/southendtradingcompany




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