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Ice Cream Churn Off Today at Atherton

Ready for some homemade ice cream?!?! Me too! Join us today at the Atherton Market for the first ever South End Churn Off. We have 7 homemade ice cream entries which we will start churning between 10 and 10:30am so we have the ice cream completed for judging at Noon. We will have an official round of judging followed by a people’s and kid’s choice judging.

Official Judges: Fox News Charlotte Anchor – Israel Balderas @israel_balderas, Editor for Edible Charlotte – Cat Harris @EdibleCharlotte, Food Blogger at Fervent Foodie and UrbanSpoon – Mary Cowx @Fervent_Foodie, Restaurantuer, Owner of The Liberty – Matthew Pera @theliberty, Foodie and Owner of CLT Buzz – Constantine Mouzakis @CLTBuzz, and Chalotte Culinary Club and Foodie – Larken Egleston @Larken.

Official rules are below and you can download the application South End Churn Off Guidelines.

Judging Criteria

Taste (0 Awful – 10 Superior)

Texture (0 Is this even ice cream – 10 oh so creamy)

Local Ingredients (0 peaches don’t come from cans – 10 a little dirt never hurt anyone)

Unique (0 nothing special – 10 I never thought vanilla could taste like this)

People’s and Kid’s Choice Judging

As soon as the official judging is over, everyone that is interested can go through and sample all the ice creams and vote on their favorite top two ice creams. Kid’s Choice is for those 10 and under.

If you have any questions, please contact Ted Boyd tboyd@charlottecentercity.org.



One thought on “Ice Cream Churn Off Today at Atherton

  1. It was a neat little event. The Vanilla, Strawberry & choco chip mint were my favorites.

    Posted by ashley | August 4, 2012, 7:33 pm

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