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Atherton Market, Now 5 Days a Week!

We have all been waiting for it and this week it finally happens. Atherton Market will now be open 5 days a week starting Tuesday. The new hours will be Tuesday through Saturday from 9am to 2pm and on Tuesday only they will keep their original later hours of being open until 7pm. On Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings, you’ll see the faces of our farmers and will be able to buy directly from them in the traditional way.  During the other hours we are open you can visit the Farm Hub managed by Pat Farrell and buy seasonal, local farm goods including produce and meat.

Around the market, Simply Local, Cloister Honey, Whispering Willow, Ohhlio Express, SkyeTurtle Designs, Cardais Gourmet, and Monk’s Groovy Beans will be open during all or most of the market hours.  Pickleville, Rio Bertolinis, Duke’s Bread, Kobe’s Kreations and Beverly’s Gourmet Foods among others are working to make sure their products are available throughout the week. Check with your favorite vendors for their hours and product availability.  We’ll also welcome a couple of new vendors soon, so stay tuned.

The Atherton Market has been a pioneer in the local farmers market scene in Charlotte. They were the first indoor, year round market. They focus on only locally sourced products. They are the first Charlotte farmers market to accept EBT. The market is a small business incubator for 25 farmers and small business.

Please come out this week to show your support for the Atherton Market making the move to 5 days a week!

For questions about the market please contact market manager Lynn S. Caldwell  http://www.facebook.com/athertonmillandmarket



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