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Vehicle and Pedestrian Restrictions During DNC 2012

Vehicle and Pedestrian Restrictions during DNC 2012 were released this morning for areas around Time Warner Cable Arena, Bank of America Stadium and the Government Center. All information can be accessed here but am providing a few maps. The map that has some direct impact for South End will be for the Vehicle and Pedestrian Restrictions around Bank of America Stadium, which are for THURSDAY ONLY!

Regarding the closures in South End around Mint St, Carson and S Church, I am working to determine the full impact on those businesses. Currently, cross streets will remain open so you will have access but will get more details to share. We do have a meeting next Thursday, Aug 16th for South End businesses and this will be the perfect opportunity to ask questions and get more details. To RSVP for this meeting please email me, Ted Boyd at tboyd@charlottcentercity.org.

Please read everything carefully and thoroughly as there is a lot of information and you do not want to miss anything.

For more information please visit http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2012/08/08/3439951/dnc-road-closures-other-restrictions.html




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