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Off to Market We Go

Saturday morning and the Atherton Market has been open for an hour already with lots of great local produce, proteins and local sourced food items. Below you can read the weekly market update, see some pictures from my visit this past week of a couple vendors and see what Luck Fish will be serving up today. Atherton Market is open 5 days a week, Tue-Sat, 9am to 2pm with extended hours on Tuesday until 7pm.


What’s happening this week at the Atherton Market?

When I lived in Seattle the “coffee culture” included a good natured competition among the roasters and baristas to provide the best coffee and the best experience for discerning coffee drinkers.  Our own Monk’s Groovy Beans has a variety of quality bean roasts, and they have just recently started to offer espresso drinks crafted by Stephanie, their new barista.  She’s got all the qualities of a great barista – talent pulling a shot and steaming milk… and the charm to make your day.

Come say hi and make us your new coffee destination!  Moms of young ones can have a playdate in the Kids Zone, or with a little notice we can set you up with a semi-private meeting area to conduct business transactions.  Right now the coffee bar is open during our regular market hours, but if there is demand then Monk’s will open earlier to make sure you are ready for your day.

There is no way to avoid thinking about it – school is almost back in session.  There are still a few spaces left for the Healthful Lunches seminar this Wednesday at 11:30 am.  You can register here http://www.justfocuswell.com/cook-well/ and plan to bring your kids!  The session will last about an hour, and samples will be offered of the dishes that are prepared.

Next week Chef Robee Owens-Gill will offer sessions on healthful snacks (Wednesday) and fresh, easy dinners (Friday) made with local and seasonal ingredients.  These classes will be offered on a drop-in basis, and will include recipes and tastes of her creations.  Bring your kids if they aren’t in school, and homeschoolers are welcomed and encouraged!  There will be lots to learn and Chef Robee is great with questions.

Creating fresh meals can be very challenging, but a mom we’ve recently discovered is taking that challenge to the next level.  We hope you will check out JC Konecny’s blog on her journey to feed her family ONLY Local Food over the next 100 days.  She features many Atherton Market farmers and vendors and provides weekly menus, cooking tutorials, recipes and an analysis of what she spends.   JC truly believes local food can fit into any life style. Find her at www.whathousewife.com.

This Saturday, August 25th, we welcome musician Katie Oates back to the market for a morning performance.   We’ve had many requests for her return to our “stage.”  We’ll also welcome a new vendor to the ranks – Good Kitchen.  Find out more at http://www.goodkitchennc.com.  These guys are responding to your demand for high quality meals to go.  Their business debuted in Charlotte last week with a delivery service, but you’ll soon also be able to get their fresh combinations at the Atherton Market.

Last but not least, you can now get tickets to the Know Your Farms Tour at the Atherton Market.  They are still looking for volunteers, and the hours can count toward community service for your middle school and high school students.  What a great way to “give back!”

Keeping it fresh and local,
Lynn S. Caldwell
Atherton Market Manager

Good morning Fish Fans, School is back in session for almost everyone and we are geared for feeding the studious. Get the Omega 3 Fatty Acids from great seafood for focus and brain function. Stop by Lucky Fish this weekend for a great selection.

What is Omega-3 DHA?

Omega-3 DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) is a long-chain fatty acid, which belongs to the Omega-3 fatty acid family.

Omega-3 is a group of essential fatty acids, which generally cannot be synthesised by the body in adequate quantities. The 3 main forms of Omega-3 are ALA, EPA and DHA.

DHA and EPA are widely held to be the most important of the Omega-3’s.

Omega-3 DHA and Omega-3 EPA are largely derived from fish oils, with tuna oil containing the highest natural proportion of DHA. Omega-3 ALA is found in plants.

DHA is the most complex form of Omega-3 and is difficult to include in our diet as only few foods contain a significant amount.

Other forms of Omega-3 are inefficiently converted to DHA in our body. Omega-3 DHA is taken up directly into cell membranes, whereas plant-derived fatty acids are not.

Fats account for over 50% of the brain and Omega-3 DHA represents 30% of brain matter.  The highest concentration of Omega-3 DHA in the human body is in the retina.

Omega-3 DHA is an essential component of breast milk, and newborn babies utilise Omega-3 DHA for brain, nerve and eye tissue development.

Human biology is such that we recycle ourselves many times over the human life-span. Unfortunately, this process is not 100% efficient

Anticipated Catch for Saturday:

  • NC Rainbow Trout – Carolina Cut Boneless Butterfly Fillet $12.95/lb
  • NC Summer Flounder – Fillet Skin Off $14.95/lb 
  • NC Vermillion Snapper (Beeliner) – Whole Cleaned 1-2 lbs each $9.95/lb
  • NC Pink Snapper (Porgy) – Skin On Fillet $15.95/lb
  • NC Grey Snapper (Pink Mouth Grunt) – Skin On Fillet $14.95/lb
  • Pamlico Sound, NC Large White Shrimp – Head Off Shell On $12.95/lb
  • NC Black Grouper – Skin On Fillet $21.95/lb
  • LA Yellowfin Tuna – Skin On Steaks $15.95/lb
  • FL Swordfish – Loin Steaks $15.95/lb
  • MA Scallops – Large Dry $19.95
  • Norwegian Steelhead Trout (Salmon) – Skin On Fillet $13.95/lb
  • NC Pecan Smoked Rainbow Trout – Skin On Fillet $15.95/lb (Preorder Only)
  • Regional Lump Crabmeat – Fresh Picked 1lb Tubs $26.95/Tub (Preorder Only)
  • ME Live Hardshell Lobster – 1-1.25 lbs each $14.95/lb (Preorder Only)
  • The list is subject to many changes. Stop by Lucky Fish for listings.
  • Lucky Leaf Microgreens $5.00

Thank you for shopping Lucky Fish,

Rodney Roden




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