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Locally Made, DNC Inspired

Let the DNC and politically themed products begin! I’m certain there will be no shortage of DNC branded items available for your consumption but a few products that I wanted to share can be found at The Boulevard at South End. All of these items are “locally made, DNC inspired” and The Boulvevard at South End is a local small business owned by 4 ladies who started in NoDa and later moved to South End. They are a great addition to the neighborhood, walking distance from the Bland St Light Rail station. Other great boutiques and shops in South End to explore are Blush Boutique, Black Sheep, SoBo Loft, The Benjamin Bear and Savory Spice Shop.



One thought on “Locally Made, DNC Inspired

  1. I stopped by The Boulevard yesterday (LOVE that place!) to snap photos of their marshmallows for the Eat My Charlotte blog and when I saw the marshmallow labeled “FLOTUS”, I had to google it to figure out what that meant. Just checking to see if I’m the only one in the world who was completely oblivious to this acronym since I’m guessing you saw it too.

    Posted by Kelly | August 29, 2012, 8:12 pm

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