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South End in The New York Times

The latest mention of South End comes from The New York Times in their Dining & Wine section in the article, “Charlotte Wakes Up Bankers’ Taste Buds”. While they praise NC for BBQ, they slam Charlotte as a place to find good BBQ so instead they focus on the “local food” offerings.

South End got mentions for Price’s Chicken Coop and Luna’s Living Kitchen as the author was quoting recommendations from banking consultant and food blogger, Vani Hari.

The remainder of the article focused on some of the recommendations from the communications director for the DNCC, Kristie Greco.  There is reference to her list of 30 locations and would love to see that full list as the author of The New York Times article didn’t seem to venture much beyond the “fledgling” 7th Street Public Market.

For those visiting Charlotte for DNC 2012, please know we have much more to offer in the local food movement then the couple places this article decided to focus. True, we are no Charleston, SC but we do have more to offer. (Atherton Market, King’s Drive Farmers Market, Healthy Home Market, Zada Janes, The Liberty, Fern, Root’s Farm Food, Magnolia Coffee, and would also include our many local breweries in this discussion)



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