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Welcome to South End Cathode Azure!

The following information was taken from Dan Mauney’s newsletter for Take Over Friday about a new gay bar opening in South End, Cathode Azure.  

We welcome Cathode Azure to the Queen City! Join us tonight as they officially open their doors.

Cathode Azure 1820 South Boulevard (The Old Sunset Club underneath Pewter Rose)

Doors open at 5pm, FREE entry before 8:30pm, Hang out until 2:30am!

Ok, we checked it out last night and all we can say is “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore!”  Doug and Ronnie, owners and life partners, have outdone themselves.  After walking into the space, you’ve entered greatness! Clean, white and total lounge awaits you!

Get there BEFORE 8:30 tonight and you are in free!  After that, general door cover kicks in!  Get your BLACK membership card tonight and never pay at the door!

See you tonight!

HECK!  Make it a full night and grab dinner at Pewter Rose and then jaunt down the stairs to Charlotte’s newest jewel in her crown~

Make sure you become a fan of their Facebook page!



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