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Fight Gone Mad making room for more Madness

Not certain if you’ve noticed but South End offers a wide range of diverse fitness opportunities. There is yoga, moga, cross fit, athletic conditioning, and the hybrid of cross fit and athletic conditioning called fight gone MAD. This new concept created and led by owners Brandon Cullen and Kirk Dewaele and their team of mad coaches, started at the beginning of 2012 in a 2000SF space near South Blvd and Remount. In just over 6 months they have seen the Madness grow and are expanding into the remainder of the building (another 3500SF) and when all said and done will be 5500SF of MADness.

So what exactly is fight gone MAD? As explained on their website…

The concept is simple.  ”HIIT” – High Intensity Interval Training, coupled with athletic movements.  It is the programs day to day design that makes us unique. Every workout you will experience new movements, new variations and new challenges.

Each day will begin with a warm up specifically designed around joint mobility. It’s goal is to prepare your body for that days obstacle, your MAD workout.

This program is built around intensity. The 45 minute class leaves little room for anything less. You and you alone will dictate the intensity of your day. As you improve you will learn to push limits you never thought possible.

You will experience :
* Movements that cause the body to adapt and change.
* Unorthodox equipment which will challenge your comfort zone.
* Countless variations to produce dramatic results.

It’s great to see new businesses coming to South End and especially exciting to see them growing quickly. If you are looking for other alternative fitness opportunities in South End check out fight gone MAD or some of these options.

Moga Charlotte, Arrichion, Ultimate Crossfit , Crossfit South End/ ESC Fitness, Iron Butterfly Pilates, Vertical Tease,

*all photos taken from fight gone MAD Facebook page and used with their permission.









2 thoughts on “Fight Gone Mad making room for more Madness

  1. Check out the original Crossfit in SouthEnd – Ultimate Crossfit – linked at the bottom of the story above if you really want to experience a great workout!

    Posted by Eric | September 12, 2012, 4:58 pm


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