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Atherton Market Update

Before I jump into the market update for Atherton, I wanted to let you know why I haven’t updated the blog in the last few days. My wife and I celebrated the birth of our first child on Friday, Sept 14th and I’ve been caught up in the new world of fatherhood. It’s awesome and little Anna Kaylor Boyd is perfect. I’ve got a few minutes this morning so trying to get out several posts for this week. I will sneak a picture of baby Anna after the market update.

This Week at the Atherton Market

On this blustery day it is difficult to think about being outdoors, but it is definitely time to think about your fall garden, even if it is a container on your patio.  Just because the tomato plants have withered into a shadow of their summer glory doesn’t mean the tasty homegrown produce has to stop. It means it’s time to put in your fall garden! Why garden in the fall? Cooler temperatures and fewer bugs make spending time outside more enjoyable. The vegetable varieties that prefer cooler weather are more colorful, and can be spaced much closer together than summer vegetables, which means more fresh produce on your kitchen table in the fall and winter. Ready to get your cool season veggies planted? Visit Microfarm Organic Gardens at the market for seedlings, and we’ll send you their fall planting guide if you want more information.

There is great news at Simply Local!  LynnErin has acquired a meat handler’s license and is converting her chest freezer from a host for butter and ice cream to contain specialty meats like ostrich and bison, hopefully as soon as this weekend.  Check Facebook for updates.

Pumpkins are appearing everywhere, including at Monk’s Groovy Beans in pumpkin spiced lattes, and at Essential Soap Company, where they are rolling out the popular Pumpkin Spice soap for fall, made with organic pumpkin purée and all the essential oils from the spices you would use to make a pumpkin pie. Delicious!! Get them while you can.

Fall is the infamous season for tailgating!   If you want a healthier take on food for your parties, sign up for the class offered by Chef Manny and Coach Jessica from Just Focus on Saturday, September 29th.  Signing up for the class gives you an opportunity to get the recipes and taste the chef’s creations in preparation to recreate them for your own events.  He’s also offering a class on Wednesday, October 10th on using one meat three ways for your dinner table.  A frugal and healthful approach to dining!

We’ve been open on weekdays now for about a month, and are seeing new customers every day.  But we could still use your help getting the word out about our new five day schedule.  Monk’s Groovy Beans is distributing coupons for coffee and espresso drinks, so consider handing one to a friend with a market card and invite them to visit.  Better yet bring them with you and hang out for a while at one of our tables near the front door.  Enjoy the happy autumn vibe, and then get some shopping done before you head out for the rest of your day.

Fall also means thinking about Halloween and dressing up in costume.  For the third year we’re hosting the Green Halloween Costume Swap on October 13.  Gather up your gently used costumes for the past and bring them in to exchange for tickets that you can redeem on October 13th for something new-to-you or your kids.  It was fun last year, and promises to be even better in 2012!

I’ll be at the market the first of this week, and then I’ll be on my way to Cleveland Thursday for the International Public Markets Conference that will be centered around the well-known West End Market.  I’m hoping to get inspired by the 200+ participants from all over the world who manage, support and vision markets everywhere.  I’ll share musings with you on Facebook from the road and in the newsletter next week.

Keeping things fresh and local,
Lynn S. Caldwell
Atherton Market Manage


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