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Cast Iron Waffles and Cluck Around added to Atherton Market

The following is the weekly newsletter from Atherton Market manager, Lynn Caldwell. The farmers market is open year round, 5 days a week Tue-Sat 9am -2pm with extended hours on Tue until 7pm.

What’s happening this week at the Atherton Market?

We have the opportunity to introduce not one, but two new vendors to the market this week!  On Saturday we became the second location for Cast Iron Waffles, a small local business who serves fresh, authentic Belgian Liege Waffles made from brioche dough, infused with pearl sugar and cooked in a heavy-duty waffle Iron right here at the market. The result is a caramelized outer shell and soft middle that is a one of a kind taste experience.  Highly addictive!  Their Atherton Market location will be open Wednesday through Saturday from 9am until 2pm.  So hold off on breakfast at home and get it here!

And today we celebrate the opening of Cluck Around.  What will you find at their booth?  First of all – a familiar face, as Trish Vevurka has been working part time for several of the vendors at the Atherton Market for the last 2 years.  She and her husband Nick will offer specialty homesteading items including bread cloches and apple bakers from Emerson Creek Pottery, and whole wheat bread flour from a mill here in NC.  You’ll find cheese cultures and all kinds of things for your backyard chickens, like non-GMO, soy-free, organic feed.

Trish is proud of the hand-crafted hard maple items she’s found, destined to become family heirlooms. Cluck Around will also carry cast iron cookware by Lodge, a 4th generation family producer focused on sustainability and durability.  In addition, they will have seasonal items that compliment what the farmers are harvesting.  The Vevurkas want their customers to learn to appreciate the art of making food and kitchen wares, so that they’ll appreciate the cost and the craft of producing real food.  They love making things with their hands, and hope you will too!

If you had a chance to attend the cooking demo by Chef Manny on Saturday, you are probably already signed up for the class they are going to offer here on Wednesday, October 10th, a scant week away.  If you haven’t signed up yet, there are still a few spaces for individuals or families to register and learn about how to use one meat to make three healthful meals.  Check their Web site for the menu:  http://www.justfocuswell.com/cook-well/

As the days get shorter and cooler, and sometimes damp like today, consider making the Atherton Market a destination for your play dates, book club, or homeschooling group.  If you want to reserve the area at the rear of the market we can make it special for your friends and/or your kids.  We’ve recently added some seating near the Kids Zone, and can plan a craft, story time or age-appropriate scavenger hunt while you visit.  We’re also a great destination for small meetings and planning teams, as we have an easel, markers and other supplies.  Email me at athertonmarket@gmail.com to make your reservation.

Our Farmer Foodshare program continues to be a success, guided by the ever dedicated Susan Orrell and her small team of volunteers.  Volunteering is easy – we just need a few more folks willing to take a Saturday shift and sit at the table to collect donations and buy produce from our farmers on Saturday morning.  Farmer Foodshare is a 501 c 3, and volunteer hours count toward community service, so please consider helping out!  You can email Susan at susaneorrell@gmail.com to get signed up.

We’re still collecting costumes for the Green Halloween Costume Swap, so bring them in this week and get your ticket to claim something new on the 13th!

Shopping here during the week is great.  The prepared food vendors have just hired another familiar face to help them sell cooperatively, much like the Food Hub.  So you’ll get a more service than just a cashier, which should make you smile.  Stay tuned for more news later in the week – we try to keep you up to date and engaged on Facebook!

Keeping it fresh and local,
Lynn S. Caldwell
Atherton Market Manager

 This photo is being shared by permission from a Facebook friend, Lisa who visited Atherton Market this past Saturday. Don’t they look delicious!



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