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11 Food Trucks for Gallery Crawl and Food Truck Friday Tonight!

Gallery Crawl and Food Truck Friday are happening today, Friday October 5th from 5-9pm. We will have 11 food trucks for Food Truck Friday and details for each gallery will be posted shortly in a separate post. Look forward to seeing you tonight in South End!


Come to South End for our monthly Gallery Crawl taking place this Friday, October 5th. Come explore and experience the many art galleries South End has to offer. Home to the largest number of galleries in Charlotte, you will find unique paintings; sculpture, jewelry, mosaics, and many galleries offer live music and refreshments!

Food Truck Friday takes place every Friday at the corner lot at Camden Rd & Park Ave. While you are out crawling between galleries, stop by for some great food truck cuisine. 11 Food Trucks are participating this week so you come experience Charlotte’s newest food trend! Alcohol can be purchased from Common Market or Phat Burrito, brought unopened to the Food Trucks and consumed in this lot.

Gallery Exhibitions for October

Gil Gallery Come and visit Gil Gallery this coming Friday, October 5th for the next South End Gallery Crawl. Artist Edwin Gil will give away 25 Peace One Day prints. The prints are part of a special and limited collection. Also showing New Horizons: Upcycling whiich uses recycled glass to depict famous Charlotteans and people from history. Gil cuts, paints and mounts the glass to make beautiful, life-size, upcycled pieces. The glass is old window glass from Coffey & Thompson’s former location where the Bank of America’s building now stands. .

Lark and Key Gallerypresents October 3rd – November 24th Opening Reception, Friday, Oct 5th from 6-9 pm  Works by Kendra Baird w/ featured ceramic artist Mark Knott

Hidell Brooks Gallerypresent ARTISTIC VISTAS. The collages in ARTISTIC VISTAS give you a sense of travel through art.  The details in my collages can be interpreted in many different ways.  The suitcases in The Designer’s Destination heighten your curiosity in this timeless setting.  The European flavor in The Italian Garden View and Fisherman’s View excites your curiosity.  Treasured Fabrics brings a turn of the century atmosphere to an English cottage.  The oxford fabrics fill the room and tempt you to look around and view the history of the place.

ARTISTIC VISTAS is my twenty second solo exhibition in Charlotte, NC and the sixtieth of my career.  The Gettysburg Review magazine, recognized as the country’s premier literary journal, recently selected my collages not only to be featured on the cover but inside as well.

In the process of art, there is a clear adrenalin rush from God that has to be patiently harnessed.  The exhibition is a continuation of that pursuit. Arless Day  2012

Ciel Gallery presents Articulate The Artist’s Voice. This exhibition represents the voice of eighteen artists across the US as well as The Netherlands, Canada and Colombia.

Elder Gallery  presents “As lovely as a tree…” paintings by several American artists running through Oct 27th. The poem by Joyce Kilmer is the inspiration for our October show. I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree has been recited by millions of American school children. Many years after studying this poem most can still recite it because of its connection to the earth and the beautiful tress that adorn our towns, cities and countryside. During the month of October we celebrate the beauty and majesty of our tree canopy and encourage everyone to consider planting a tree to help protect and perpetuate the tree canopy.

Charlotte Art League presents There’s More to Art Than Meets the Eye

Charlotte Art League’s annual “Art Beyond Sight” recognizes that art can be experienced by those who cannot see it. CAL joins 200 venues worldwide in celebrating Art Beyond Sight Awareness Month by giving the blind and visually impaired access to the world of art.

This exhibit features work by sighted and visually impaired artists in various media having tactile qualities…the texture of paint; the weave of fabric; the grain of wood. This show has been a favorite of sighted artists to whom texture is an integral part of their work. Some of the pieces are produced in classes for the visually impaired taught weekly at CAL in partnership with the Metrolina Association of the Blind.

One of the featured artists is Charles Breese of Concord, a former Navy submariner and mechanic for Eastman Kodak, who lost his vision in 2006 with the sudden onset of Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy, an inherited condition affecting the optic nerve. Charlie spent the next two years in VA Blind Rehab centers learning how to cope with his vision loss, adapting old skills, and learning new ones. It was during this time that Charlie, a gifted carpenter during his sighted days, learned how to turn wood on a lathe and found his passion. He started turning bowls in May 2008, and has not stopped since.

Charlie creates segment bowls, or pieces of wood glued together then turned, using maple, oak, magnolia, pecan, cherry, walnut and combinations thereof. His work exemplifies both the simplicity and complexity of wood grain patterns, resulting in pieces that are visually intriguing. They also command to be touched, which is what this show is all about.

Charlotte ARTery – There and Back October Gallery Crawl 1515-C South Mint Street Charlotte NC 28203

Reception: Friday, October 5, 2012 – 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Featuring recent work by Charlotte Artery member-artists: Julie Benda, Teresa Hollmeyer, Bev Nagy, Diane Pike and Janet Lasher

Also featuring, our guest artists: Ashley Lathe, Terry Shipley, Paul Keysar, and Jon Tarleton

The mission of Charlotte Artery is to foster a cohesive art scene, provide studio and exhibition space, and forge cooperative relationships with other art organizations and galleries in the Greater Charlotte Area

Savory Spice Shop will be open from 6-8 p.m. Learn how to make simple syrups infused with a selection of spices. Spiced simple syrups make a refreshing summertime drink when paired up with club soda or spirit of choice. Soda tastings will be provided.

In addition to the Gallery Crawl, Modern Fabric, Blush Boutique and Boulevard at South End will be open with great shopping opportunities. Coffee & Thompson Gallery, Unexpected Finds, SoBo Loft Boutique and Gifts, and Doma Gallery are all must stops but they are a little spread out so probably best to drive rather than “crawl” to these locations. Also add Atherton Mill  to your list which is a great place to shop too! Have dinner at The Liberty and then start your crawl at SoBo. Common Market and Phat Burrito are near by offering a quick bite, great atmosphere and great beverage options.




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