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Art Exhibition at AKA Creative Tonight

aka creative
Last December I attended one of the most interesting art shows in a cool, out of the way location called AKA Creative. Located on Remount Rd, near S Tryon Street, this show was unlike anything I had experienced in Charlotte. To see that post visit Culture Initiative 3 Year Celebration Show.
Tonight, AKA Creative is hosting another incredible art show, Ten Twenty Twenty Twelve.  All the details for the show are below with contact information. Hope you will take time to stop in and support Charlotte’s local art scene.

Ten Twenty Twenty-Twelve: A Collaborative Art Thing Will Be Held at
AKA Creative on Saturday, October 20, 2012 at 7:00pm
As the recession forced the closing of multiple galleries in Charlotte, many emerging artists were left without representation and consistent venues for showing their work.  Ten Twenty Twenty-Twelve is just one expression of the overall grassroots efforts in Charlotte to keep the creative culture alive.  It is a collaborative art event that features the works of ten emerging artists from a variety of disciplines – fine art, design, and illustration.  In addition, there will be a multimedia room with sound and visual projection.  The goal of the night is to feature the work of the artists and create a space for Charlotte’s creative community to meet and to dialogue because when new connections are made, the community is enriched.
This event is being organized by, and for the following artists:
Brandon Willet                    Dan Romanoski
Derek Turner                       Dominique Verechia
*Eric Hurtgen                      KC Preslar
Michael Forrest                   Nathaniel Lancaster
Nicholas Balachandran       Taylor Williams
*available for interviews
Saturday, October 20, 2012.  Doors open at 7:00PM.  Admission is free.  Cash bar for those over 21.
V.I.P. tickets (which include an artist print and a drink from the bar) are available for sale.          
The AKA Creative Gallery; 316 Remount Road; Charlotte, NC  28203
For more information, visit www.tentwentytwentytwelve.com.
Your news and photo coverage is invited
About AKA Creative:
AKA Creative is a gallery and venue in South End Charlotte. Our intent is to inspire collaboration with artists, entrepreneurs and social innovators to realize imaginative initiatives. We help foster ideas to produce profitable realities for the betterment of the world and our local communities. www.akacreative.com
Photos from an earlier art show.


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