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GUTS: The Most Creative Pumpkin Carving Competition in Charlotte

As a general rule, all of the events I share on this site are in South End but am making an exception today because while the event is not being held in South End, the event is being put on by a South End business and many South End businesses participate.

GUTS is hands down the most creative pumpkin carving competition in Charlotte as it calls on Charlotte’s creatives in the marketing, design and architecture community to go all out with their most innovative design. The pioneers of this great idea were birthed from South End brand agency HAWSE. What began as an internal competition has grown into a community wide event and raises funds for the Levine Children’s Hospital.

This year’s event is back at the NC Music Factory and takes place tomorrow, Oct 25th. Carving begins at 4pm and they have 90 minutes to bring their creations to life. Silent auction (you can purchase these pumpkins) and judging is at 5:45 with winners announced at 6:15.

GUTS has a terrific website to you can get all the details here. I’ve also attached a few photos that I have taken from past years. You really need to check GUTS out!




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