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StartUp Spotlight: ShomoLive

From time to time I have shared stories about the many new StartUps that are calling South End their home. You may recall posts on Tresata and Tire Intelligence, Inc but also setting up shop in South End area KYCK, Tykoon (since moved to NYC), and ShomoLive. “StartUps” seems to be a hot topic right now and if you are looking to learn more you might want to check out the series of articles in Charlotte Magazine.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Scott Jermyn of ShomoLive a couple weeks ago to learn a bit more about their StartUp. It was actually back during the DNC when I was seeing a lot of tweets about ShomoLive and their involvement in the StartUp Rock On event that took place at Amos’ Southend. ShomoLive has huge plans to transform the way musicians, venues and fans interact and book shows via a social media platform. To get a better idea on what this looks like you should check out their current Indiegogo campaign video as they layout their team, the concept, how it works and how you get involved if you are interested.

It is great having new businesses coming to South End and to see a few StartUps calling South End home.

ShomoLive is a social media platform for local artists and live music venues to easily book shows and for fans to keep up to date with their favorites.



One thought on “StartUp Spotlight: ShomoLive

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