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WBTV News Story on South End’s Growth

WBTV did a nice story about the growth and development happening in South End. I’ll link to both the print and video versions of the story. I’ve added a few more details to some of the points brought up in the story cause I know that everything can’t fit into a minute and a half story.

The growth in South End isn’t something that just suddenly started happening overnight. South End has been growing for years but has seen moments of acceleration and slow down. The greatest reason for the flux was the economic downturn across the country but as the market returns so are those projects that were on hold.

The Light Rail has been a tremendous factor to the growth of South End but it is not the only factor. Years of community engagement, development and promotion from South End founders like Tony Pressley, Terry Shook, Gaines Brown and others as well as the resurgence of the Trolley helped lay the foundation and the introduction of the Light Rail acted like steroids to accelerate the growth and work happening on the community level.

At the present moment there are 7 multifamily apartment projects under construction, which will bring approximately 2000 new units into the neighborhood and represents a conservative estimate of 200 million dollars in economic development. South End currently has 3200 residents and over 870 businesses.

WBTV News Story: Charlotte’s South End adding Businesses and Residents

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Charlotte’s Historic South End is rising to new heights, as new businesses and residents move in.

“Before, a lot of people didn’t talk about South End,” said resident and business owner Tinesha Matthews, who co-owns Revolution Ego salon inside Sola Salons off South Blvd.

“Now it’s like the hot place to be. I love it because it kind of gives you the feel of downtown but then you still have a separate entity, so you can be in your neighborhood and everything you need is right there,” said Matthews.

To read the full story

VIDEO    WBTV News Story South End



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