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South End is Growing….Part 2

Some of you may recall a previous post about new development happening in South End around the South Blvd and Remount areas titled South End is Growing. I want to continue that tour north in South End but first a few figures. We are anticipating 1872 new units and the current construction reflects a conservative estimate of 200 million in economic impact.

Couple recent news stories:

South End building boom heads up WCNC

Charlotte’s South End adding businesses and residents WBTV

Enough with the numbers…lets start the tour.

Leaving from Junction 1504 and heading north on the Rail Trail you’ll pass the existing Spectrum and Ashton apartments but take a left on Tremont and head to the corner of Tremont and S Tryon Street and you’ll see the first phase of 330 W Tremont. Their planning on 164 units and in the second phase which will be built closer to S Tryon Street they will have some commercial space.


Continue north on S Tryon Street to Kingston Ave and take a right. About half way down you can’t miss the development that spans the block from Kingston to Park Ave behind Price’s Chicken Coop. The Park & Kingston project will have 153 units.


As you continue north on S Tryon Street, wave hello to Common Market and then hang a left onto Summit Ave. About a block down the road you’ll come to Summit and S Church which is the site of a new development from Faison. Construction has not begun yet…what you see in the image was work done on this site before the economic downturn. Anticipating 200 units sometime in 2014.

SAMSUNG Finally, as you head north on S Church Street and then sneak your way over to Bland and down Winifred you can see what is almost completed, the second phase of 1225 S Church. They’ll add 200 units and should be completed first quarter of 2013. They look completed at first glance but a few finishing touches.


Finally, continue up S Church and take a right onto Carson all the way to South Blvd. Take a right onto South Blvd and go south until you just pass Atherton Mill. I’ve shared a post on this before based on reports of a possible grocery store in the area. What I did not mention at the time I shared that story is the announcement of a new apartment development from Camden Properties that will have about 250 units. Not much to see in these photos now but you can imagine can’t you?


Hopefully this helps you get a better idea of the construction happening in the neighborhood. Excited to have more residents!



2 thoughts on “South End is Growing….Part 2

  1. You can add another project to this update starting Summer 2013. Corner of West BLVD and Camden

    Posted by Clayton | December 3, 2012, 9:15 pm
    • Thanks for sharing! There are at least 5 more (this project included) that could be added but primarily focusing on the ones that are turning dirt. Get ready for lots more people!

      Posted by wofford23 | December 3, 2012, 9:21 pm

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