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Holiday Market by Ward Design

Ward Design is a multi-faceted architectural and interior design firm located in South End on West Tremont Ave. They have a diverse portfolio but when the holidays come around they create incredible holiday decorations and if you’ve seen the South End bows on street signs and light posts those were created by Ward Design. They also were responsible for helping South End procure and install our first ever Holiday Tree.

Currently, they have created a wonderful Holiday Market located in the 7th Street Public Market in Uptown. True, it’s not in South End but if you need a wreath, a small tree, scented candles, co-worker gifts, etc you should give them a visit and know you are supporting a South End small business! Just hop the light rail to the end of the line north at 7th Street or use bike share. I’ve included a bunch of images that I gathered from their Facebook page cause they have a lot of great items!

Ward Design 1Ward Design 2Ward Design 4Ward Design 6Ward Design 3Ward Design 5Ward Design 7Ward Design 12Ward Design 8Ward Design 10Ward Design 11Ward Design 9Ward Design 13Ward Design Wreath 5Ward Design Wreath 2Ward Design Wreath 4Ward Design Wreath 3Ward Design Wreath 1



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