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Introducing Neighborland (it’s not a new TV show)

Neighborland Cover 2

Ever have a great idea for making where you live better but not certain how to share that idea or if others might be thinking the same thing? I have and several months ago I stumbled upon a progressive way that makes use of social media platforms to get ideas from people on how to improve their city. The idea is Neighborland and as they describe,

“Neighborland is a new way to make your city a better placeWe are providing residents, neighborhood organizations, economic development groups, and municipalities with a powerfully simple platform to connect and make good things happen. A healthy neighborhood is a connected neighborhood. No idea is too big or too small to share on Neighborland. If it matters to you, then it matters.”

There is a great deal of information on this group and how they operate, which you can explore on their website but here is their basic model…

Share Ideas
Neighbors share ideas and insights for improving their neighborhood.

Neighborland StickerGather Support
Neighbors can support ideas and connect through common interests.

Neighborland Support Make Things Happen
Our community identifies achievable goals and works to accomplish them.


I am still exploring how this all works but take a look at some of the examples from other cities and how they gathered the ideas and put them into action. Also, you can go on the page dedicated for Charlotte and start sharing your ideas!

Food Trucks Rally Draws Hundreds of Supporters 

Night Market in New Orleans

Neighborland Person

Photos taken from the Neighborland website



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