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Light Rail Beer Crawl Recap from Charlotte Beer Blog


It’s not every day you walk into a brewery and see a dog, sitting in a chair with a beer but that seemed about right for the start of the first South End Light Rail Beer Crawl. It was a huge success and thank you to everyone that attended! A complete recap from Charlotte Beer Blog is below but to see all the great pictures you’ll want to visit their site. Based on the response…I think we’ll be doing this again!!

South End Light Rail Beer Crawl Recap!

First things first: thank you so much to everyone who came out to South End’s first Light Rail Beer crawl! We had over 160 people attend, all of which brought fantastic energy and enthusiasm to every stop along the way. Thanks to you guys we were able to raise over $500 to donate to Friendship Trays! Congrats!

I also have to take some time to thank Historic South End as well as all of the breweries, bars and restaurants involved in the event. Historic South End provided integral organizational support as well as some of that cool free stuff you got to take home. Triple C Brewing Company was our starting point and the staff there couldn’t have been more hospitable. When the group split up for the second stop we hit both The Liberty with Olde Meck Brewery as well as All American Pub. The wait staff, bartenders and everyone else involved was well-prepared and more than accommodating, even with the overwhelming number of people who came out. World of Beer graciously provided some special space for the crawl after we all met back up, not to mention the great specials for all local and NC craft beer.Finally, Common Market was the perfect end point for the evening with a talk from Four Friends Brewing Company, great live music and a phenomenal tap lineup.

Photos from the crawl are here, but we will also be posting them on Facebook so everyone can tag themself. People have already asked when we are doing another light rail crawl and we’ve already started talking about it. Make sure to stay tuned by following us on Twitter and“Liking” us on Facebook. Don’t forget to bookmark the site, too!

Again, thank you so much for coming out and making the evening so special. Another huge thank you to Historic South End, Friendship Trays, Triple C, Olde Meck, Four Friends, Birdsong Brewing Company, The Liberty, All American Pub, World of Beer and Common Market! Cheers!

To view all the photos click HERE!

Beer Crawl Triple C



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