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South End Walking Tour – Dec 29

Light Rail Station

Back by popular demand, we are hosting a 2nd South End Walking Tour. The first tour we did almost a year ago had a huge turnout and you can see some highlight from this past blog post: Exploring South End By Foot.

South End is becoming a great urban neighborhood with eclectic shopping and restaurants all within easy walking or light rail distances. It’s also very rich in history and character as we have many brand new buildings but many rehabbed factories that are now serving a new function.

The South End Walking Tour will be led by the Director of Historic South End, Ted Boyd, who will share history nuggets of the distant and not so distant past as well as allow opportunities for you to explore the shops and stores along the way that make South End unique.

The tour will start at 1pm in the Atherton Mill parking lot at 2000 South Blvd. We will assemble near the entrance to Icehouse and after a brief intro will be able to shop the Atherton Market, explore Savory Spice Shop and Vin Master Wine.

The tour will take us north down Camden Road where we’ll explore some of the antique stores, boutiques and iconic restaurants like Price’s Chicken Coop, Common Market, Boulevard at South End and Charlotte Art League.

We’ll catch the Light Rail from the Bland Street station and travel south to New Bern where we’ll explore Furniture Row and make a stop at Triple C Brewing Company.

You’ll be free to leave Triple C at any time to take the light rail back to the East/West stop and make the short walk back to the Atherton Mill parking lot.

The walking tour is FREE however you must sign up here and will need a light rail pass, which we will have passes available for you. The suggested donation for the pass is $6 which is good for the day and all the proceeds from the pass will go to benefit Friendship Trays which is a South End nonprofit. There may be sampling and tasting along the tour but if you want something more substantial you will need to pay for what you consume.

Walking Tour Registration

Walking Tour Vin Master

Walking Tour Spice Tasting

Walking Tour Ted



One thought on “South End Walking Tour – Dec 29

  1. Please, keep me on your list for future tour dates.

    Posted by futuredoll | December 21, 2012, 2:20 pm

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