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News from Healthy Home Market and Atherton Market

Healthy Home Market Health and Wellness Fair this Saturday!

Healthy Home Health & Wellness Fair 2

Healthy Home Health & Wellness Fair

This week at the Atherton Market?

I’ve been giving more market tours recently, and I find that even participants who have been shopping at the market for a while learn something new.  So this newsletter is dedicated to giving you the insider scoop on what you’ll find at the Atherton Market from this tour guide’s perspective.

  • Did you know that the market is open 5 days a week?  Tuesday 10-7, Wednesday through Friday 10 -2, and Saturday 9-2.  Every week, year round.
  • Simply Local currently has cheese from 8 different cheese makers and at least 24 different cheeses.  In addition, her dairy products are from grass-fed goats and cows.  The milk is low-heat pasteurized, and is antibiotic and hormone-free.
  • We take EBT.  Check in at Simply Local to get $1 tokens to use like cash around the market.  We also sell $5 gift tokens.
  • Did you know most poultry in America only grows 32 to 48 days before reaching 4 to 5 pounds and your dinner table? East of Eden heritage poultry takes 20 weeks to reach its full weight.  Some people call its “slow growth,” they just call it normal.
  • Windy Hill Farm has a great neighbor with a greenhouse.  That means tomatoes are in season!  Beginning this Saturday.
  • Cardais Gourmet offers custom gift packaging!  You can shop around and include other products purchased from the market.  Who wouldn’t love that on a special occasion?
  • The Food Hub is open from 10-2 Tuesday through Friday, and carries produce from our farmers, as well as a few other farmers in the area.  Sometimes she has goodies that you can’t get during our producer-only hours.  For example today she has APPLES!  But only til 2.
  • Got a pollen allergy?  Local honey can help with that.  Cloister Honey is not your everyday offering – their newest flavor is bourbon honey, and their whipped flavors like pumpkin spice and lemon really stand up to this cooler weather.
  • Pickleville’s pickles are not vinegar-based, they are fermented, which means they contain probiotics which are good for you.  If you want to ferment your own veggies, you can get the tools and the knowledge to do so from Cluck Around Farm Supply.  Look for them to offer classes soon!
  • Ohhlio Express isn’t just about olive oil – they have bulk organic canola, soybean, and sunflower oils, a dressing of the week, and black garlic aged 40 days, which has unsurpassed medicinal and culinary qualities.
  • Buying local flowers is as important as buying local produce.  Flowers that are imported from South and Central America are chemical-laden, and are often tended by underpaid and mistreated workers.
  • We have free WiFi, and great coffee.  Bring your laptop and hang out.
  • The terrariums have been a surprise hit.  But it is no wonder, because they are fun, fabulous, and easy to grow; even for people who think they don’t have a green thumb. They give you the feeling of a walk in a mossy fern grotto without leaving your home or office.
  • What you put on your body is as important as what you put in it.  Our soap vendors make all-natural products without chemicals or harsh additives.  Whispering Willow also offers laundry detergent, and is on the verge of debuting a new line of household cleaning products.
  • Chosen Roasters nuts are roasted without added oils, and their dried fruits have no preservatives.  Just natural goodness.
  • Heist Brewery is our newest vendor, and will have their bread here 5 days a week.
  • The Atherton Market is available for special events, field trips, and even as a meeting space.  And we love giving tours.  Schedule one for yourself or ask for one when you come to shop.

There are still a few spaces left in the Bone Broth class that we are hosting on Friday, January 25th.  Get more information and register.

If you haven’t yet taken our survey, please do. We need your help making the Atherton Market an even better place to be.

Have a great week!

Atherton Market Manager

Heist Brewery Bread



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