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Temporary Closure of Rail Trail Between Remount Rd and New Bern Station


A portion of the City’s multi-use trail, between Remount Road and the New Bern Light Rail Station that parallels the LYNX Blue Line, will be closed for two projects currently under construction.  The developer of the Silos of South End, Woodfield Investment, is required to upgrade and widen the trail, install pedestrian scale lighting, landscaping and decorative fencing as envisioned in the City’s Station Area Plan. Additionally, there is an at grade crossing being installed at the LYNX Blue Line that will connect Poindexter Dr to both South Blvd and Youngblood St.

The duration of the temporary trail closure is weather dependent.  Signs will be posted to notify trail users that the trail will be temporarily closed.  The existing sidewalks along South Boulevard will be the primary pedestrian detour route. Youngblood St and Griffith St will be the primary bicyclist detour route.

City staff will work with Woodfield and Atlas Construction, providing information regarding the temporary closure through email distribution to the cycling community, through CATS Riders Alerts and through Charlotte Center City Partners/Historic South End.



2 thoughts on “Temporary Closure of Rail Trail Between Remount Rd and New Bern Station

  1. There should be provisions to transport riders around the closed area. This is like shutting down a freeway. There has to be a detour. It also should be at the developers cost. Charlotte lets developers get away with anything for the sake of construction taxes but cares less about the cost to those affected.

    Posted by TMattox | February 6, 2013, 10:39 pm
    • There will be more coming regarding detours and moving people from New Bern to East/West. Just relaying information from CATS and will be getting more out as soon as we can get it! Very sorry for the inconvenience! Didn’t mention this in the post but we’ll also be completing a full rail trail on the opposite side as well so it will be double sided from New Bern to Remount. Again, apologies and will send more information as we receive!

      Posted by wofford23 | February 7, 2013, 11:12 am

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