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Mayor Foxx Declares Feb 13th, “Pewter Rose Day”

Pewter Rose

The following was found on Helen Schwab’s blog and we hope to share the official proclamation soon.

Congrats Pewter Rose…you will be missed!

“WHEREAS, Pewter Rose is a success story of humble beginnings rooted in partnerships,
cooperation, and dedication to developing regional identity in the food culture of one of the
South’s most treasured cities grew to epic stature of enduring legacy; and

WHEREAS Mrs. Susie Peck became, in 25 years of service a principal operator, a symbol of
grace, elegance, fairness, gentility and steadfastness in female leadership; and
WHEREAS, hundreds of thousands of people over 25 years, were made to feel welcome and
received exceptional cuisine, libation, service and hospitality, regardless of age, race, gender,
sexual orientation or political affiliation; and

WHEREAS, Pewter Rose displayed an ethos of supporting local business people and North
Carolina industries including farming, fishing, dairy, wine, floral, food, artists, craftsmen,
musicians, handymen, other neighborhood and regional restaurateurs, and more was fostered in
the spirit of leadership through mindful examples:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Anthony R. Foxx, Mayor of Charlotte, do hereby proclaim
February 13, 2013 as


in Charlotte and commend its observance to all citizens.”



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