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Saturday at Atherton Market


The market is open today, Saturday from 9am to 2pm at the back of Atherton Mill at 2000 South Blvd. Tons of great vendors and two specials for today will be Roots Food Truck selling breakfast and A Finer Edge should be out to sharpen your knives. See the email newsletter from market manager, Lynn Caldwell below.

What’s happening this week at the Atherton Market?

If you pay attention to food news, you probably read about the results of a recent study that reinforces the benefits of a Mediterranean-style diet.  The New England Journal of Medicine published information that supports eating olive oil, nuts, fruit, vegetables, fish, small portions of lean meat, and a little cheese, accompanied by wine with meals (except maybe breakfast).  All the better if it is local, as recently harvested produce retains a high level of essential nutrients.  The even better news is that the vendors at the Atherton Market can help you acquire all of the items essential to the Mediterranean way of eating!

The most local food you can consume comes from your garden.  Have you made a commitment yet to grow some of your own food?  It is almost time to start planting for spring.  The Food Hub has lettuces, kale, arugula, broccoli, and cilantro, all ready to be planted now.  You can also get Windcrest Organics worm castings, Mary’s Mineral Mix, and soon you will be able to get potting soil for container gardening.  Microfarm Organic Gardens will be at the market on Saturday with their seedlings, and lots of advice on where and how to plant things in your yard!  He can also build you raised beds, potting tables, and chicken coops.

You may have heard of Slow Food, but are you familiar with Slow Money NC?  A new chapter of the organization has recently formed in Charlotte, and is already actively matching farmers and small food producers who need a loan with individuals who have the resources to offer a low interest loan.  Slow Money NC does not make loans, but they act as a catalyst to make them happen.  We are partnering with Slow Money NC and CFSA to put on an event on May 12 called Funds to Farms.  Stay tuned for more details, and consider whether you have a project that qualifies or whether you might want to offer a loan.  You can request to join the Charlotte group on Facebook, or watch the Web site for announcements about future meetings and other events.

In addition to eating the Mediterranean way, science has proven that fermented foods are also very good for you!  You can get them from Pickleville (Not the best… the finest!).  Or you can make you own.  We are hosting another class offered by Nourishing Traditions Charlotte on March 15th.  Carolyn will this time be focused on fermented foods.  You can read more about it and register here:  http://nourishingcharlotte.com/

The Food Hub this week has lots of things that might interest you this week!  Apples, lots of salad and other greens, shitake mushrooms, a plethora of eggs (chicken and a few duck), beets, turnips, and firewood, among other things.   Come let us help you figure out what’s for dinner.

Weather permitting Gary of A Finer Edge will be at the market Saturday to sharpen your knives and other blades.  Check Facebook for that news and other updates as time goes by.

Keeping it fresh and local,
Lynn S. Caldwell
Atherton Market Manager

Atherton New Vendor Booths



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