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Moxy Madness at Midnight

There is a great article in the Charlotte Observer about an interesting collaboration of both exercise and party but anytime you combine the forces of Fight Gone Mad, Moga Charlotte and a few others, I am not surprised at what they create…hence Moxy Madness at Midnight. It’s a “yoga rave gone mad” and will link to the full story in the Observer so you can get all the details. The images below are a few from Moga Charlotte’s Facebook page. The event took place on March 9th but I included the ad so you can get all the details in hopes they plan another one in the future.

“Charlotte workout combines, yoga, calesthenics and different kind of play list” by Greg Lacour

“It was Saturday night in South End, the room full of gyrating bodies and beats pulsing through the marrow, a laser projector beaming multicolored fireflies that danced on the ceiling and glow sticks whirling in the darkness.” To read the full article click here.

Moxy Madness 1

Moxy Madness 4

Moxy Madness 3

Moxy Madness



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