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New Furniture for the Sidewalks of South End

At the last South End meeting I gave an update on new streetscape furniture we will be installing throughout South End and wanted to make certain to share this for those not able to attend the meeting. Some of you may be thinking, “Furniture…for the street? Does that mean Lazyboys down Camden Rd?”. Okay, slight exaggeration but the concept is similar, making the sidewalks more hospitable and welcoming to those who live, work and visit South End.  By ‘streetscape furniture” I mean things like benches, bike rack, flower pots, light posts and trash & recycling containers and most of which are in the public realm (city sidewalks). Also a part of this definition includes things that already exist in South End like the branded street signs, boundary signs, light post banners and the engraved logos at a few intersections in the sidewalk.

We worked with LandDesign, to help us select the streetscape palette for South End, which you can view below. The great part of this project is that you will see the implementation of this furniture throughout South End. The first round will include benchces, bike rack and trash/recycle containers on Morehead, Tryon, South Blvd, Camden, Tremont and Griffith and we will add more in subsequent years to additional places. The benches have a weave that we feel reflects the industrial past of South End. The bike rack we’ll be installing will be branded for South End.

Street Scape SE

South End Palette Summary_Page_1 (2)

One deviation we are making from the palette selection below is with the trash containers. We are actually moving to a more modern and sustainable model for our trash & recycling containers by installing BigBelly Solar containers. Images of the Big Belly’s are below and we will have a series of duel units (trash & recycling), some single units (trash only) and some that will have a compacting feature, which reduces the frequency of emptying. Additionally, each of these containers has computer software that monitors the trash/recycle level in each Big Belly and has a corresponding App so city services can assess from their smart phone what does and does not need to be emptied thus creating efficiencies in manpower as well as reduction in fuel costs as well as street congestion with garbage trucks.


Finally, when you view the images of the Big Belly’s you will notice the image below has a more decorative look that is similar to the historic look and feel like what is currently on the sidewalks of South End. While the modernization and sustainability of the Big Belly’s is important to us, it is equally important to us to preserve the historic aspects that make South End unique so we’ll be wrapping the Big Belly’s similarly to the image below so we’ll keep the look and feel of what is currently in place.

Big Belly Historic 1

Please note that everything listed in the South End Streetscape Palette is not being installed but is more a standard for South End going forward. We hope to have all the new streetscape furniture (benches, bike rack and Big Belly’s) installed by South End Community Day on Saturday, May 18th.



2 thoughts on “New Furniture for the Sidewalks of South End

  1. This is fantastic! When we opened our business on South Boulevard, we knew the area was up-and-coming. It’s been a year since we opened Gracie Barra Charlotte Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy, and one of the main issues we’ve had is trash on our front lawn. We are across from McDonalds and end up with all their empty fry containers and bags. Trash cans are much needed, especially with all the increased foot traffic in the neighborhood. Thank you for all your hard work and making this happen! This neighborhood deserves it!

    Posted by Thea | April 11, 2013, 3:12 pm
  2. These look fantastic – Functional, yet funky. Great selections; love to see the progress and personality of Southend shine through!

    Posted by CC Communications | April 15, 2013, 2:22 pm

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