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Rail Trail Vision Community Meeting – April 23


Next Tuesday, April 23rd we are hosting a community meeting to share the vision for the Rail Trail and would love for you to come join us. The meeting will start at 5:30pm at Byrons in the Design Center of the Carolinas. We will have a formal presentation and then we’ll have a short tour down the Rail Trail from the East/West stop to the Bland stop so we can see first hand the opportunities and share some thoughts. This meeting is not just for South End so we welcome our neighbors from Uptown, Dilworth, Wilmore, Sedgefield, Southside Park and Brookhill to join as well but we would like for you to RSVP so we can plan accordingly.  To RSVP for this meeting please click here. 

Over the last few months I have shared some details about the Rail Trail at the January and March meetings but next Tuesday we will have a full vision presentation with your opportunity to ask questions and share thoughts. To provide a little more details about the Rail Trail, please read below.

Remember, please RSVP for the meeting and look forward to seeing you!


Rail Trail Vision Community Presentation

Charlotte’s Rail Trail will be a vibrant public park that winds through the very heart of our city, where the unexpected can be found around every bend.

The trail will connect communities and knit together neighborhoods from Sedgefield, Southside Park, Brookhill, Dilworth, Wilmore, South End to Uptown. But it will belong to everyone in the Queen City.

The Rail Trail will become the place to discover cafés and bars, explore galleries, see artists at work, stumble upon an impromptu concert, stroll with your family, or relax on a bench and watch the city come alive around you.

The two-mile walkway alongside the Blue Line already exists, but it could be so much more. With the help of passionate supporters, today’s trail will be transformed into a network of gardens, public art, unique spaces and activities, and an endless string of places to sit, eat and play. The hardest part of building a park—acquiring the land—is already done and a foundation has been laid. Let’s turn it into something extraordinary.




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