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Rail Trail Vision Community Meeting Recap


Last night (Tuesday, April 23) we held our first Community Meeting to share the Rail Trail Vision. We had a tremendous turnout with over 80 people, which included lots of residents from South End, Dilworth, Wilmore and Sedgefield along with City Councilwoman, LaWana Mayfield, many representatives from City staff as well as Charlotte Center City Partners staff.

Furman Presentation


(photo taken across from Price’s Chicken Coop, many folks sit on this grassy bank to enjoy their chicken)


(Rendering of possible “Coop” Plaza to create a nice place for folks to enjoy)

Architect David Furman gave an in depth presentation sharing the vision for the Rail Trail with many renderings and examples of what could be. Again, this is just a vision for now but we are working on the implementation strategies and ways to have the community involved. After the presentation, several of us walked the Rail Trail from the East/West Station to the Bland Station, noting the opportunities along the way. We ended Bite Your Tongue which is located right along the Bland Station side of the Rail Trail, which is a great example of how we hope future businesses will embrace the trail with outdoor seating and patios to create a unique experience. If you’ve not been to Bite Your Tongue you should give them a try.

Bite Your Tongue

Bite Your Tongue Food

(Beignets from Bite Your Tongue and yes they were incredibly delicious!)

If you were not able to attend, you can go to the website www.CharlotteRailTrail.com  to see some of the renderings from the presentation along with more details. If you want to sign up to get updates on the Rail Trail as well as details on how you can be involved, please click here.

Rail Trail Meeting



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