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Food Truck Friday and Outdoor Movie Night

This Friday looks like we will finally have great weather…not that the weather has stopped folks from coming out to Food Truck Friday! We have two great events happening on Friday night in two separate location. The first is the usual Food Truck Friday, which last Friday had to have been a record number of folks! The second event is the return of the Free Outdoor Movie Nights hosted by the South End Neighborhood Association. This year we are hosting the movies under the trees at Atherton Mill (near Tremont and South Blvd intersection).  Lots of great restaurants in and around Atherton Mill to grab a bite to eat or drink before the movie. You can set up your blanket on the grass or bring a bag chair and we’ll have space for that as well. Movie will start once it gets dark. All the details for these great events are below.

Also, one of the great features of South End is the Light Rail and Trail running through the neighborhood. If you have the opportunity to use one of the park and ride stations further south and use the Bland Station for Food Truck Friday or the East/West Station for Movie Night. South End is very walkable once you get here. If you are able to walk or bike, that is great too!! We have 2 Bike Share Stations at both of these Light Rail Stations mentioned above so feel free to put them to use!

See you Friday!

FTF 5-10




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