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New South End Public Art

LP Volunteers

This past Saturday the South End Neighborhood Association hosted another successful Community Day. We hosted our first Community Day a year ago with the desire to have a series of work projects as a way to spruce up the neighborhood. Projects focused on adding or improving flower beds or public art projects and having another great partner in the neighborhood, the Charlotte Community ToolBank, we were able to supply the necessary tools to make the projects happen.

We had approximately 25 volunteers that were mostly South End residents but also included folks from Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church, area businesses Ciel Gallery + Mosaic Studio, Charlotte Art League, The UPS Store and some property managers from Colonial.

One team helped us replant the pots by the Trolley Museum.

LP Volunteers Planting

Another team (I was on this team) did some demo work to remove the Phat Burrito dumpster at the corner of Camden and Park Ave.

LP Dumpster LP Dumpster Gone

The majority of the volunteers worked on a zip-tie public art project along the light posts on Camden. The idea for this project started about a year ago from the wonderful folks at the Ciel Gallery + Mosaic Studio as they shared a similar idea from the streets of NYC.The South End Neighborhood Association partnered with Ciel to work through the design for each post along Camden and Adam with SENA did an incredible job with all the logistics so teams could work quickly and efficiently to zip-tie 10,000 zip-ties!

The final product is pretty cool….Urban Totems are how I have been referencing them. I’ve included some images for you but you really need to come see it for yourself. Not only do they add a great pop of color to the street, they also add a creative texture to the sidewalk pedestrian experience.

The Urban Totems will stay up for about 3 months and when they are finally removed, we have partnered with local South End business Fabrix, to take the plastic zip-ties and recycle them. Fabrix produced the light post banners along Camden and the  Light Rail, which were made from recycled plastic bottles.

Special Thanks to all the volunteers that came out….to SENA for organizing….to Ciel Gallery + Mosaic Studio….to Charlotte Community ToolBank for lending us the tools and time….to Common Market and Phat Burrito for breakfast and lunch….and to North American Landscape for the pots and flower bed support!.

LP BoxesLP Small SectionLP Entrance to CamdenLP Phat BurritoLP GainesLP Camden Entrance LeftLP Trolley Museum



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