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2nd Annual Homemade Ice Cream Churn Off

2013-HSEChurnOff (3)

July is National Ice Cream Month and in honor of Ice Cream we will once again be hosting a Homemade Ice Cream Churn Off at the Atherton Market this Saturday, July 20th (one day before National Ice Cream Day). We’ll be churning up homemade ice cream in the morning and will have it ready by 11am for you to come through and sample the ice creams and vote on your favorite. This year we’ll be working to incorporate ingredients from the Market Vendors into the ice creams. All voting and sampling is on a first come, first served bases until the ice cream runs out.

If you would like to come churn your own ice cream please email Ted Boyd (tboyd@charlottecentercity.org). If you have an amazing home made ice cream recipe that you want to share please email Ted as well.

It will be a fun morning at Atherton Market and for a full list of events and market info please read the Market Newsletter below.




Atherton Market Newsletter

Last July we were experiencing draught conditions, but this summer our farmers are scanning the horizon for what we fondly referred to in Seattle as “sunbreaks.”  Anything to dry out the mucky mess created by recent torrential downpours.  The good news is, we aren’t roasting and our water reservoirs are full.  And today is hot and sunny!

But enough about the fields – what’s happening at the market??  The recent Relish Carolina dinner was a joy to host.  Pictured right, we endured several brief showers to eat outdoors.  Many thanks to the team, including the guys from Plaid Penguin and Cat Harris from Edible Charlotte, in addition to Bill Schutz from Bonterra and John Cornely from the Charlotte Country Club for creating a meal that was nothing short of a masterpiece.

Look for news of more dinners coming up, with something on the calendar for just about everyone whether you are Paleo, vegan, or omnivorous!  The next dinner is the Modpaleo Pop-up on Saturday, July 20th.  They still have a few seats available for this meal, and part of the proceeds go to help our friends at Friendship Gardens.  Get a ticket here if you are lucky: https://modpaleo.com/atherton-popup/

If you follow the Paleo diet or just like really good food that is fast to fix, Queen City Pantry just started carrying a full line of meals and sides to go from Modpaleo.  Come see what is new in her fridge!

We have several other upcoming events, including the second annual Ice Cream Churn Off that is also on July 20th!  We’ll be featuring seven flavors from around the market, but if you want to compete send an email to athertonmarket@gmail.com for details.  Tasting and voting begins around 11 am.

In addition to a tasty competition, we welcome Colorado musician Steve Weeks  http://www.steveweeksmusic.com to entertain the kids. A truly original voice on the Kindie music scene, Steve Weeks performs with both a boisterous sense of humor and a deep sense of purpose.  Steve has 4 albums, multiple #1 hits on Sirius XM satellite radio (Kids Place Live), and several awards to his credit.  His song “Up!” won 1st place in the children’s music category of the USA Songwriting competition, and his music is a mainstay on the Kindie music scene. It promises to be a fun and flavorful morning!

The next event will be the first Latte Art Competition hosted by the Not Just Coffee Shop at Atherton Market.  More details to come, but set aside some time on the evening of Thursday, July 25th at 7:30 pm.

In vendor news, Harmony Gardens is taking a break for a couple of months, as dhijana primarily enjoys farming from the fall through the spring.  In her place you’ll find the North End Opportunity Farm, an urban half-acre near uptown that employs homeless men and women to grow fruits and vegetables using sustainable farming methods.  Come say hello to Nate and Antonio a week from Saturday!

We also introduced another new vendor last Saturday – the King’s Bakery!  From Jim Noble’s family of businesses, baker and chef Sam Stachon is bringing his thoughtfully crafted breads and other bakery items to the market on Tuesday evening and Saturday morning, so you can come pay them a visit and offer them a warm welcome today.  We’ll feature them in an upcoming newsletter and share with you more about why we think they are special.

If you haven’t had a chance to stop by and pay Honest Harvest a visit, you are missing out on the full line of Anson Mills grains and other products that they carry.  From oats and farro to popcorn, peas and grits, you can meet just about all of your needs for dry goods with one stop.

Happy summer!  Look for more news soon about hands-on cooking classes, community gatherings, and offerings that make your shopping experience more robust and convenient.

Keeping it fresh and local,
Lynn S. Caldwell
Atherton Market Manager



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