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September Gallery Crawl and Food Truck Friday

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Charlotte Magazine recently named the South End Gallery Crawl as the “Best Artsy Place to Take a Date” and Food Truck Friday as “Best Regular Foodie Event” and we will have a great lineup of gallery exhibitions and food trucks for August and as well as special guests from WFAE 90.9 FM. The Gallery Crawl is a casual way for you to explore the galleries and shops in the South End neighborhood. Maps of the area will be available at the WFAE tent at Food Truck Friday so you can explore as you like. All of our wonderful galleries will be open with special exhibitions and the popular foodie event, Food Truck Friday, will be in the heart of it all! Specifics for each gallery can be found below but here are a few things to help you enjoy your First Friday Gallery Crawl Experience.

1. Parking – On popular nights with Gallery Crawl and Food Truck Friday, parking can fill up quickly so it is highly recommended that if you can take the light rail that you please do! Both the I-485, Tyvola and Scaleybark Light Rail Stations have huge parking lots and if you ride the light rail to the Bland Station you will be in the heart of all the activity. Once you are in South End, you can walk to just about everything so you won’t need your car. If you are driving, there is adequate on-street parking and several surface lots in and around the Camden Rd, Summit and South Blvd area. Please be certain to park only in areas signed to appropriately for parking. The surface lot behind Price’s Chicken Coop usually charges $5 to park if you want to be really close. There is also a lot on the corner of S Tryon and Park Ave you can park but it is not free. It only costs $3 and you pay via your cell phone…no parking attendant so don’t get confused. There are instructions to let you know how to pay via phone.

2. Navigating the Crawl – the South End is designed in such a way for you to explore at your leisure the galleries and shops along the way. My recommendation given all the festivities would be the following. Park at Atherton Mill at 2000 South Blvd and visit the Atherton Market ARts Market. They do this once a quarter so you are in luck for September. You can grab some wine or food from Icehouse, VinMaster, Luna’s or Big Ben. Head down the Rail Trail going north. Soon as you pass the back of Sullivan’s you will see Hidell Brooks Gallery. They aren’t open for every gallery crawl but will be for September so stop in! Jump back on the trail and take a walk down to Park Ave. Take a right onto Park Ave and hit up Lark and Key Gallery and Ciel Gallery & Mosaic Studio. Back track a little up Park back to Camden and keep going north but this time walking on Camden. The Charlotte Art League will be on your right before you get to the end of the street. Great space with lots to see. Cross the intersection of Camden, Summit and Tryon over to Summit and visit Elder Gallery. Elder is only open until 8pm so keep that in mind cause you don’t want to miss it (most of the other galleries remain open until 9pm). Finally, you will want to visit Charlotte Artery and Coffey Thompson; however, they are a little far to walk so you might want to take the car. Charlotte Artery is on Mint Street not far from Summit and Coffey Thompson is on Morehead. All the details are below but this might give you an idea of what you can find. Enjoy at your own pace or order!

3. Art is For Sale – Gallery Crawl is great for South End on a variety of levels. We introduce more folks to both the neighborhood and to local and regional art but more importantly we help support small businesses. Come have a great time but know that the wonderful art you are enjoying is also for sale :).

4. The ABC’s of Food Truck Friday -a) Please make certain to bring a blanket or bag chairs as seating is limited and goes quickly. b) Trash bags are located around the perimeter or the Food Truck lot. Please help us by putting your trash in these bags or in the container at the corner of Camden and Park Ave. Please do not put trash in any roll out container, especially the ones towards the back of the lot or at Common Market. Please just use our bags. c) Recycling of cans and bottles is available in the Blue Roll Out container located on the Camden Rd side of the lot and also in the branded South End cans at the corner of Park and Camden. Please help us recycle and it’s only bottles and cans. d) Beer and wine can be purchased at Common Market or Phat Burrito, brought unopened to the Food Truck lot and consumed on the lot. You may not leave the lot with an open container. e) Please do not take food purchased from the Food Trucks to eat in either Common Market or Phat Burrito. We want to keep those seats available for Common Market and Phat Burrito’s customers.

5. Make a Night of It – Finally, there is so much in South End that you can make a whole night of Gallery Crawl. We have a variety of great restaurants with many of them located along South Blvd. Stop in for dinner or drinks before you start your Gallery Crawl. In addition to the Galleries there are great retail shops along the way and many stay open later on Gallery Crawl night. Finally, after you have enjoyed the galleries, feel free to grab a cocktail or catch some live music. South End has a lot to offer so hope you’ll take advantage!


September First Friday Gallery Crawl Details

Elder 1


Elder Gallery – During the month of September Elder Gallery will be full of beautiful artwork by twenty-five of the gallery’s artists.  Included in the exhibition will be 3 paintings by David Skinner who has been living and working in Ireland for the past nine months.  These paintings will be representative of those that are to be included in a solo exhibition of his work during the month of November.  Also, Willie Kohler, who will be our featured artist during the month of October, will have a few of his paintings to whet your appetite.

We are proud to showcase the high-quality work produced by those who are part of our stable of artists.

Lark and Key synthesis

Lark & Key Gallery and Boutique in Charlotte, NC presents “a synthesis of sorts” August 2nd –September 28th 2013.

Coffey & Thompson Fine Art Gallery & Framing 109 W Morehead St

CAL September


Ciel September

Ciel Gallery and Mosaic Studio

Ciel GAllery Crawl
Artery September
talleySlate 84x48???????????????????????????????
Hidell Brooks Gallery  presents amanda talley + bill braun

amanda talley informal forms bill braun “my fourth grader could do that!”

september 6 – october 26, 2013

amanda talley “painting, for me, is about translating the activity and movement of the outside world into a vocabulary of paint and line. light, color, and energy are reflected in a fractured window view of the underside of a live oak or in the curls and folds of an elephant ear. each painting experience becomes a challenge to push aesthetic decision-making aside, in favor of drawing in the moment. the best paintings occur when I succeed in letting action dictate form.”

–amanda talley, 2013

bill braun bill braun’s paintings are impressive feats of hyper-realism. what appears to be the ingredients for a fourth grade art project of cut out construction paper, masking tape, staples and brown craft paper loosely assembled on the wall is in reality a tight and precise execution of acrylic paint on a flat canvas.

trompe l’oeil (french…”deceives the eye”), a type of painting, usually a still life, which by means of various illusionist devices persuades the viewer that he is looking at the objects actually represented. successful trompe l’oeil occupies a very shallow space behind the picture-plane, or actually seems to project beyond the picture surface.

Atherton September




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